Introducing the NQS Standalone Dashboard!

A trauma center platform that empowers your entire team

A new approach to Trauma Registries, PI & Revenue

In order to eliminate preventable death and disability from injury, trauma programs need more than a basic data repository.

They need modern tools that help their entire teams do their best work.

We are the most advanced trauma platform designed to help Surgeons, TPMs, Registrars, PI Coordinators and Injury Prevention Coordinator be their most effective selves.

Trauma Registry

We believe registrars should have all the information they need at their fingertips so they can spend more time on their best decisions.

Performance Improvement

Better outcomes start with better information. We believe PI Coordinators need modern tools to be most effective.

Revenue Analysis

Uncover information that might otherwise be hidden in multiple systems and find uncaptured charges.

What Trauma Centers Are Saying

“Everything that I’ve ever wanted to do… This probably would save me eight to ten hours a week… Awesome.”
Trauma Program Manager
“Mind blown. Oh this is beautiful. Just beautiful. That’s amazing.”
Trauma Program Manager
“This is a game changer… Love, love, love.”
Trauma Data Manager
“The system could be incredibly effective at helping find uncaptured charges and putting money back into these programs”
Trauma Program Manager
NQS trauma registry

Trauma Registry

A helpful registry

NQS is a registry built not just for data entry. It empowers registrars by uncovering related source information, gives guidance for decisions as well as helps manage registry workflows.

Trauma PI

PI should not be an afterthought

NQS is a platform that does not treat performance improvement as an afterthought. NQS helps PI Coordinators with timeline and complication helpers, meeting minute transcriptions and workload management.

Trauma Performance Improvement PI
Live trauma center data dashboards

Trauma Data Dashboards

Be proactive with live performance dashboards, not reactive

Instant insight views built specifically for TPMs, PI Coordinators, Registrars and Injury Prevention Teams. Get answers quickly.

Revenue Analysis

TPMs can finally see revenue accuracy at a glance

The average facility is missing out on $5M per year of lost charges. Reclaim significant resources and help more people at your facility.

Trauma revenue analysis

NQS Standalone Dashboard

Instant dashboard & reports from your registry

The modern way to turn your registry data into a performance dashboard and one-click drill-down reports.

NQS Standalone Dashboard

TQIP Insights Tool

Turn your TQIP report into easy-to-use insights

Get the most from your TQIP report to help your trauma program.

TQIP Insights

Trauma Team Insights, Tips & Tools